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Happy New Year Wishes Messages Greetings Images in Hindi and English for your best friends and relatives.

May love be in your hearts, happiness in your mind, smiles on your lips and sense of fulfillment in your eyes!
We have been great friends since we were small and that is why not even distance will break our bond. I wish you a happy New Year 2017.
Bhul Jao Bite Hue Kal Ko, DiL Me Bsalo Aane Wale Kal Ko, Muskurao Chahe Jo Bi Ho Pal, Khushiya Lekr Ayega Aane Wala Kal.
I wish you the coming year much joy and sunshine every day so you can be happy and satisfied
May the year 2017 greet you with days as fragrant as rose, as colorful as the rainbow, as bright sunshine and as happy and as happy cheerful as the lark
Fun, Joy, Happiness, Peace, Love, Luck, Will Come Near, With My Special Wish. Happy New Year 2017!
Keep the smile, leave the tear, hold the laugh, leave the pain, think of joy, forget the fear, Happy New Year My dear!
Aa gale lag ja Mere Yaar Dedo Jadu Ki jhappi Do, Char Aise hi Kat jaye Zindagi without any Risk Is Umeed ke sath Wishing You a…Very HAPPY NEW YEAR
Αs the New Υear approaches υs with hopes Νew, here Ιs wishing you, Αnd your family Α wonderful year Αhead,
Ηappy New Year friend
Αll of us Εvery single year ωe are a dιfferent person, Ι don’t Τhink we are Τhe same person Αll our lives,
Happy Νew Year 2017.


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As we stand on the threshold of the New Year With cheer, hope and joy in our hearts I wish you my dear friend A year full of happiness, health and success. Happy New Year
When the New Year arrives, it brings new ideas & hopes for us to make our lives good to better & better to best.New Year
I whispered a prayer just for you That all your dreams this New Year Should very soon come true Happy New Year
As the New Year approaches us with hopes anew, here is to wishing you and your family a wonderful year ahead. Happy New Year!
Many people await New Year’s Day to make a new start to their old habits. I wish you otherwise. Happy New Year.
Let me wish you a very Happy New Year before the phone lines get jammed and internet hanged. Happy New Year 2017 2018 ---
Dear New Year 2017, Please let me, my family, my colleagues, my clients and my friends be just happy in this time.
This year lets make a promise to follow the resolutions you make more strictly and achieve what you truly desire in your life.
May your new year be blessed with peace, love and joy. Sending you my heartfelt wishes With joy that never ends. Wishing you a very Happy New Year
May your world
be filled with warmth,
joy and good cheer…
Wishing you a
Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Wishes

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As we ring in the New, and bid adieu to the old.
May the days ahead bring forth Good Luck and Happiness manifold!
Happy New Year 2017
Wishing you a year of health, wealth, happiness, luck, warmth And loads of love of your dear ones!
Hope the New Year
showers you with All that is beautiful! Happy New Year!
As the New Year brings with it New Vistas, New Aspirations, Renewed Promises and Rekindled Hope. Wish you a Fulfilling New Year!
With a passing year, shall pass the pains and troubles of the past. Stop thinking about the times that are gone, instead waste your time worrying about the future. May you have a great New Year.
Wish You a Great, Prosperous, Blissful, Healthy, Bright, Delightful, Energetic and Extremely Happy, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017.

Wishing you a new year rich with the blessings of love, joy, warmth, and laughter.
As we raise a toast to the New Year, With a sparkle in our eyes, and a smile on our lips, May the dreams we weave all come true,and the days abound with richness & contentment.
May you have new hopes, aspirations, and resolutions for the coming year. Have a happy new year!
May each day of the New Year Bring happiness, good cheer And sweet surprises, To you and all your dear ones!
Happy New Year!
Forget all the regrets of the past and anxiety of the future. Promise yourself a bright and dynamic new year. Happy New Year 2017



Happy New Year 2017